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Swimming Pool Inspection (Residential and Commercial)

What is a Pool Inspection?

Pool Leak Solutions can provide an inspection of your pool. This can tell you the condition of the pool and confirm the pool is working properly. There are different pieces to your pool including pool deck, pool and spa, pump equipment, and plumbing lines.

When you have your home inspected the home inspector doesn't even open the pool cover. The inspection will include the structures of the home.  This leaves your swimming pool open to unknown issues.

Electronc Liner Scan
Residential Pool

How am I supposed to know if I need an inspection?

If you don't know if your pool has been inspected? You need an inspection.

Season in and season out your pool and its systems will have to deal with the extreme heat of summer and the extreme colds of winter not to mention the chemicals and natural wear and tear on your pool equipment.

You need a pool service that can detect leaks, provide a pool inspection, spa inspection, and help with pool repairs. As a pool owner, you know that a pool is more than a diving board.  Check the pool regularly and get a pool inspector to evaluate the pool if in doubt.

Pool Inspection Checklist

​What will the inspector check and how to find one?

If you are in our area Pool Leak Solutions would love to be of service.  If not reach out and find a pool dealer or someone you trust in the pool industry. As a rule of thumb, they will have the best relationships with contractors and pool inspection companies near you. With all services, nationwide pool inspection costs may vary.

So what will the inspector be going over and diagnosing during your inspection? I have set aside a generic list of actions that should be taken. Each contractor or business will have their own process and or preferences.


Pool Light Inspection

Pool Inspection Checklist:

  • Pool Decking Damage - Cracks, Damaged Concrete, and Skimmer Lids

  • Pool Body and Surface - Concrete Pool Inspection  and Vinyl Liner Scanning

  • Pool Drains and Plumbing - Pressure Test All Plumbing Lines 

  • Pool Add On Integrity: Slides, Diving Boards, Pool Ladders, Spa, and Pool Covers

  • Pool Equipment and Electrical - Access Overall Condition of: Pumps, Salt Cells, and Filters                                                        Learn More...

Throughout this process, we will be able to determine if there is a problem or if your pool is in a healthy condition.


Pool Inspections for

New Home Buyers

Purchasing a home with a swimming pool means checking out more than the diving board. Learn More...

When buying a new home with a swimming pool you will want to make sure that as a potential buyer you have not only the home structure but the pool checked out as well.

A home inspector is generally looking for issues with the home and buildings connected to it. This may include structural integrity, damage to the roof, water damage on the interior and exterior of the home as well as plumbing and electrical systems.

The pool, however, is not part of that inspector's checklist. They won’t look under the pool cover unless it calls for it. There may be local requirements based on where you live but for the most part, you will want to as home buyers have the pool checked out.

Underground Pool Plumbing Break
New Home Buyer
Underground Pool Plumbing Break
New Home Buyers
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