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Concrete Pool Diagnostics

Pool Leak Solutions is a leak detection pool company. We use high-quality tools to determine where your water loss is coming from and the required repairs to fix the problem.

Concrete pool repairs consist of visual inspection as well as pressure testing, and dye tests. Pressure testing lets us confirm that all of your plumbing holds pressure correctly and that there are no leaks. Dye testing allows us to find leaks by following the current of the water.

If you are noticing your water level going down or your pool water seems to be receding we can check your swimming pool with the highest efficiency and get your pool area back into top shape.               

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Light Inspection

Concrete Pool Diagnostics Walkthrough

1. Pool Dive and perform Dye test around all interjoining materials.

ex: Plastic to Concrete

Pressure Testing

2. Pressure Test Plumbing and locate any Compromises.

Pressure Testing
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