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Pool Water Bucket Test


The Bucket test is a leak detection test to determine if your swimming pool is losing water. This helps you the pool owner to see if you are losing water due to evaporation or if your water loss is from a pool leak. To utilize this test, once set up let the bucket stand 24 hours and check the level of water inside and outside the Bucket, lets begin.




Bucket Test Steps:

  1. Find a Five Gallon Bucket of any sorts and fill the bucket with pool water

  2. Place the Bucket on a step that doesnt quite submerge the bucket 

  3. Fill the water level inside the bucket an inch from the top

  4. Turn off the pool pump 

  5. Mark the water level inside the bucket and outside the bucket even with the level of the pool water

  6. Turn back on the pump and leave the pump running for 24 hours

  7. After 24 hours compare your water levels

  8. Compare the two levels of water and determine if you have an evaporation problem or a leaking pool.




You will of course hope that the water is close to even but if you find the water outside of the bucket has dropped give us a call and we can help determine where your pool leak may be.

Pool Leak Bucket Test
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