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Swimming Pool Plumbing Repairs


Swimming pool plumbing repairs are an essential part of any pool. At some point in your pool's life it will have water loss. Water leaking can come from the pool wall, vinyl liner, filter system, or it may be located within your plumbing system.


There are different ways for finding leaks used by professionals. One of these is a Pressure Test, a pressure test will allow your service technician to see if your lines will hold pressure or if you have an underlying leak. Plumbing should be airtight thus not allowing for pressure to escape.

Learn More!  Pool Plumbing and Repair for Swimming Pools


Concrete Vessel Leaks 


Vessel leaks are digitally scanned and physically examined with scuba gear. You can learn more about the Concrete Pool Diagnostic here. 


Vinyl Liner Repair and Leak Detection


Vinyl liner scanning is much different from the concrete vessel.

A digital scan will be run throughout the vinyl liner pool and then a physical examination will ensue. This is where the lights, plumbing connections to pool and pool body are checked.

You can learn more about Vinyl Liner Diagnostics here.


Finding and Fixing your Pool Plumbing Problem


Plumbing leaks are something we work with week in and week out. Losing water from your pool is usually noticeable.


If you are still debating try the bucket test. Place a bucket in your pool on the second step and fill it equally with pool water….now mark your water lines and wait 24 hours. This will give you a good idea if you are actually losing water if you find your outside water is going down faster than the bucket water.


Once we have been called and located a leak, we will dig to the line and fix it. Sounds easy right? Well, a lot of your lines run under the decking of your pool, meaning that in the process we may have to remove a portion of decking to get to your leak. 


This is the pool repair that is finding more than a leak in your pool. This is pool plumbing repair, and your water level will determine when you call on someone to help. Let us be your Pool Leak Solution.

Underground Pool Plumbing Repair in Deck
Underground Pool Plumbing Repair in concrete
Working a Underground Plumbing Leak
Underground Pool Plumbing Repair

Plumbing Repair Walkthrough:

1. Cut concrete at located area

Cutting Concrete Deck

2. Jackhammer Concrete Out

Jackhammer Concrete Pool Decking

3. Excavate area by manually digging and locate compromised pipe by air induction.

Locate Plumbing Break

4. Quadrant Test Lines.

Quadrant Test Lines

5. Repair compromised area with Schedule 40 Piping.

Repair Pool Plumbing

6. Repair Deck area to blend

7. Warranty

Repair Concrete Decking to Blend
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