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Pool Plumbing and Repair for Swimming Pools

As a swimming pool owner, you may notice things like visible cracks and water loss.

Find out where do these things start and how can pool maintenance help your pool last a long time compared to not having regular maintenance?

Pool Services can range from repairs, leak detection, and water treatment. If your pool or pool spa is connected to the pool plumbing system then this may be a great place to start.

Plumbing Systems and Repairs

If your pool is leaking and you cannot visibly see where then there is a chance you have water leaving the pool from your plumbing system. The system is made up of a pool pump, a

skimmer, intake, and water lines. To test this we would start with a visual inspection and then start the pressure test. This will apply pressure and show us if we are losing pressure.

What might cause a pump to have low pressure? If you have a broken pipe or a way for pressure to be exerted during the pressure testing sequence you know there is a comprised place within your plumbing system.

Finding a Leak Inside your pool

Repair costs can be daunting this is why is it so important to have your pool scanned for leaks. A pool leak inspection can help us narrow down where there may be a vessel or liner leak. We can help you with finding leaks on vinyl liners and some other vessels that allow.

How would you repair a water leak in your swimming pool? The best way to do this is to stop the water from exiting at the compromised location. The reason it is so important to work with trained professionals is that if you are patching a hole on the bottom of a pool you need to be able to sit on the bottom of the pool to fix it. We are trained divers and have all of the compounds needed to fix a leak.

Of course, if you are having signs of leaking through the plumbing we would hope that the liner is not compromised, however, this is not always the case. We service thousands of pools and we find that a full inspection can alleviate a lot of repairs. Of course what you see as a Pool Deck may or may not need to be stripped away for some pool repair.

Residential and Commercial Pools

Commercial Pools are generally a lot larger in size and have many more intakes and

skimmers to contend with as well as a lot more surface to cover. The great thing is that the technology and knowledge used to detect leaks in pools is universal with both types of pools.

Pool Plumbing Leaks and Repair Services

We know you may have a high water bill and may have damage to your yard. That is why we can help you from diagnostic to finished repair. These repairs and services vary and may be scheduled separately but we know how important your pool is and will make sure everything is done to leave your pool is the best condition.

Our repair services include:

  • Full Fabrication of materials to match your pool

  • Cracks

  • Holes/Patches

  • Steps

  • Step Tread Overlays

  • Underground Plumbing Repairs

  • Above Ground Plumbing Repairs


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