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Vinyl Liner Leak Detection for InGround Pool Liner Problems

Vinyl Liner Leak Detection

I think everyone who has ever owned a pool has looked at the pool water level and thought to themselves, "Is the water going down?".

The truth of it is it's very common for us to receive calls and inspect pools for this very reason.

Vinyl liner swimming pools are made up of a synthetic material that stretches and allows the water to displace any air behind it. The problem is that once you have an aged pool, the chemicals and water pressure along with any other traffic will have broken down the liner.

This can lead to a split in the liner or a tear. It may not be a hole at all. As well as expanding with water, the fixtures that make up the light and plumbing system of your pool will stretch and tear. This is not something you see but can cause a significant loss in water.

Leak detection on a vinyl liner pool is a non-invasive procedure that uses a state of the art electronic scanner This helps you the pool owner to not have to drain the pool or provide a leak location.

My Pool is fine but my Spa is not?

Sometimes you will find that your spa will be lower than usual. If you are using any kind of liner in your spa you will have the same issues associated with a pool. Most spas are made with fiberglass or concrete.

Pool builders would generally set the pools and spas plumbing up separately if they require different water chemistry. Fiberglass pools and spas are generally patched with a patch kit containing a fiberglass cloth and a commercial gel coating. This will work for most of your fiberglass patches as the longevity of a fiberglass pool can reach 25+ years.

With vinyl liners, the last thing you want to do is get a liner replacement. This is costly and who really wants to figure out which liner pattern is going to be the best fit. That would be the least of your worries.

Vinyl Liner Repair

Patching a vinyl liner pool is different than fiberglass you would use a different adh

esive and patch material. Depending on the location of the leak it may take minutes to get the job done correctly.

This is why we use air tanks and do an in-depth diagnostic inspection. We spend time getting the job done right. Your swimming pool is the central gathering for all your summer gatherings. This is not the time you want to notice ground water pulsing up from the middle of your fresh cut yard.

What if I buy the Best Vinyl Liner?

You have options, you can choose different thicknesses in your liner 20 mil, 28 mil, 39 mil, but the honest truth is no matter the thickness of your liner it has the same protective coating that the other gauges have. It will have to withstand the same chemical breakdown that any other chlorinated pool would including becoming bleached, overstretched, or, punctured.

As with anything there are better quality liners available and some dealers provide better installs than others but you will have maintenance with any pool. Keep your vinyl liner in top shape. Contact Pool Leak Solutions and set up a scheduled diagnostic for your pool. We check lights, gaskets, fittings, and plumbing..


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