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Concrete Pool Leak Detection for Gunite and Concrete Pools

What is the difference between a Concrete and a Gunite pool?

Concrete pools can be referred to as gunite pools, but what's the difference?

Checking lighting on a Concrete Pool
Checking lighting on a Concrete Pool

Shotcrete pools are pools where the builder has the concrete mixed with water before and during the application. Concrete or shotcrete in this instance refers to wet mix concrete like concrete trucks. This may require someone to pour the concrete and is common for pool construction.

Gunite is concrete that is dry until applied. The builder would mix sand, cement, and water at the nozzle of a high-pressure applicator and spray the concrete. This is a highly durable material once cured. Again Gunite doesn't require water until the pool installation crew is ready to spray the pool.

Is it the same process for leak detection for either Gunite or Concrete Pools?

Concrete Spa
Concrete Spa

Pool owners generally don't really have to worry about the difference once the pool has been built. Out technology is water-based and will work within either body of water. We are also trained to spot the cracks in a Gunite swimming pool.

Finding the location of the leak has less to do about what material the pool is made of and more about the maintenance the pool has had. Our process is similar for concrete and fiberglass pools.

InGround pools generally all tell the story with water loss. If you notice your pool water level going down you might have an issue. We work inside and outside of your pool to find solutions. Our crews are trained to work underwater and scan and diagnose whether you have a leak or a plumbing malfunction.

Pool repairs can be a generic term but we are focused on Leak Detection. We offer pressure testing to check the integrity of your plumbing and return lines. In order to find a leak, we use state of the art technology to pinpoint where your pool is leaking from without you ever having to remove the water.

How to determine if I have a leak?

Bucket Test

The Bucket Test:

  1. Take a 5 Gallon Bucket

  2. Place it on a step and fill it leaving about an inch from the top

  3. Mark the water level on the inside and outside of the bucket

  4. Come back in 24 hours to see if the water has dropped consistently

  5. If you see you have lost more outside your bucket you might have a leak.

Concrete Pool Diagnostics
Concrete Pool Diagnostics

If you are looking for an in-depth diagnosis of your pool please contact us and let us know more about your situation.

Your pool is an investment, and we are thankful that you have chosen Pool leak Solutions to help you maintain your pool


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