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Pool Inspection when buying a home with a pool?

New Home Owner Pool Inspection

Purchasing a home with a swimming pool means checking out more than the diving board, pump, and filter system. When buying a new home with a swimming pool you will want to make sure that as a potential buyer you have not only the structure but the pool checked out as well.

New Home Inspection
New Homes are great just dont forget to check the pool.

A home inspector is generally looking for issues with the home and buildings connected to it. This may include structural integrity, damage to the roof, water damage on the interior and exterior of the home as well as plumbing and electrical systems.

The pool, however, is not part of that inspector's checklist. They won’t look under the pool cover unless it calls for it. There may be local requirements based on where you live but for the most part, you will want to as home buyers have the pool checked out.

Why do I need a pool inspector or professional inspection?

There are many different ways that you can lose water from a pool. For starters cracks and loose fittings may affect your water levels more than you would imagine. Others may be lights and hidden seams that might not be so easy to find.

A professional pool inspection will ensure your pool is checked for proper use including your vessel, plumbing, pool pump system and pool filter. This is how evaluate the overall integrity and condition of the pool. 

The first reason you should want to hire a pool maintenance company for your inspection is:

  • The tools used to inspect your pool for leaks are specialty tools. These are not tools you purchase from the pool supply store. (if you had them, could you use them?)

The second is:

  • The time spent underwater requires scuba gear and weights. Unless you enjoy being weighted down to the bottom of a pool and have the experience to work within those measures I would again leave it to the professionals.

Plumbing break underground
Under Ground Plumbing Breaks on Pools

Real Estate agents and home buyers get into trouble all the time by the beauty and distraction of the pool but to know your pool area has had the proper maintenance and that there are no underlying problems, get the inspection.

How to know who to trust as a pool service?

A trusted pool company might be one recommended by your pool dealer or local pool supply company. There are different types of services you may need in the lifetime of your pool but if your pool company provides inspections they will be happy to discuss all of the things they check within their analysis.

A home is something that every person thinks or dreams about owning at least once, but add a pool and everyone wants the pool whether you like the water or not. Count yourself safe and ask the inspector to help if you have questions or ask the person handling the home inspection.

men submersing into pool with scuba gear
Scuba gear for Pool Inspections allow thorough diagnostics.

Don't trust that everything looks as good below the surface. It could be a very expensive and time-consuming fix just waiting. Pool Leak Solutions provides pool leak inspections that are attainable and thorough. We have the pool equipment needed to assess any job and crews to get the job done right.

We want you the potential homeowner to understand what we have found and have done to fix your leaking vessel. We provide solutions for concrete, gunite and vinyl liner pools.

 We work with commercial pools as well as residential swimming vessels throughout the south-east United States. We provide effective plumbing solutions and step repairs along with our state of the art leak detection services.

Pool Leak Solutions Professional Services include: 

  • Plumbing Pressure Testing

  • Leak Detection

  • Pool Leak Repairs

  • Inspections (Commercial and Residential)

If you are purchasing a home that has an attached swimming pool and are looking for a professional pool company, reach out to your local dealer and see who they might suggest. If you are in our area we would love to hear from you.

Pool Leak Solutions is based out of Easley, SC, and services upstate South Carolina, and surrounding areas including border lying Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Contact us to find out if we service your area.


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